Is cider healthier than wine?

Half a pint of cider provides the same amount of antioxidants as a glass of red wine. A cider usually contains much more natural sugars than wine, which ultimately makes a substantial difference. The sugar content in cider is around 6% to 15%, while the sugar content of wine rarely exceeds 2%. When the wine exceeds 2% sugar, it is usually a dessert wine or a port made explicitly because of its sweetness.

Ciders usually have an alcohol content of around 5%, but with wines, you can expect between 13% and 15% alcohol with wines. The apples used by a cider vary in size, but should be juicy, sweet, well-ripe, and full of the perfect levels of acid and natural tannins. And while cider and wine share similarities but are different due to differences in their production method. Because winemakers let wine sit longer in the fermentation process, it can be assumed that both red and white wine have less sugar than cider.

Ciders usually range from dry to sweet, depending on the apple varieties used, any other additions, and the amount of fermentation they go through. The acid in cider promotes iron absorption, which is important because iron is a key part of hemoglobin, which feeds muscles with oxygen during exercise. As a result, it usually has fewer carbohydrates than cider, which makes it a little “healthier”, even though the number of calories remains approximately the same. In addition to the benefits found in beer, scientists have found as many antioxidants, which help fight dementia, in cider as in red wine, but with a much lower alcohol level.

Thanks to festivals such as Pour the Core and New York Cider Week and the growth in popularity of national brands such as Angry Orchard, the U. However, when done traditionally, the most significant difference between cider and wine is fruit. From a purely health standpoint, ciders seem to have a lot more going for them, but let's be honest, you're not going to drink ciders (or beers) because they're healthy. More specifically, only a third of a pint of wine is needed to have the same alcoholic effects as a pint of cider.

While cider and beer aren't the first thing that comes to mind when someone talks about healthy drinks, some research indicates that drinking the right types of cider and beer minimizes the impacts of alcohol on the body. Fortunately for cider drinkers, recent studies have found that half a pint (8 ounces) of cider can provide the same amount of goodness as a glass of red wine, a drink that has long been praised for its health benefits when consumed in moderation. Therefore, considering UK consumption, and given that both beer and cider are so popular, it is very important to understand why the healthy aspect of these drinks is so important. Cider has an advantage over a beer in some comparisons, especially when drinking artisanal cider that has not been mass-produced.

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