Is alcoholic cider healthy?

Hard cider is made from pure apple juice, so it offers the same health benefits that juice offers. Hard cider, like unfermented juice, contains a lot of vitamin C and a considerable amount of antioxidants. In fact, there are more antioxidants in hard cider than in green or black tea or in vegetables such as tomatoes. Traditional hard cider doesn't contain gluten either.

These benefits sound good, but enjoy them in moderation, as hard cider tends to be high in calories. It can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Apple cider contains polyphenols, which are plant compounds that act as antioxidants. They can help the body fight free radicals and cell damage, reducing the risk of certain types of cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Polyphenols also help relieve inflammation in the body. Apples and ciders contain valuable nutrients and antioxidants that can protect the body, but any form of alcohol in excess is bad news. Cider is no longer for the weak; once a favorite drink of men of war and politics, hard cider is finally returning to its roots and regaining its well-deserved popularity. Apple cider is packed with vitamin C and antioxidants such as polyphenols and flavonoids, which give it its distinctive color.

Cider also has anti-inflammatory agents, such as anthocyanins, and properties that could act as a buffer against conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. A brand name of hard apple cider contains 29 total grams of carbohydrates in a 12-ounce bottle, which means that carbohydrates provide nearly 60 percent of the beverage's caloric intake. Cider is also low in sodium %26 and contains antioxidants, just like wine, which provides well-known health benefits. Even so, the British consume more than any other country, collectively consuming almost 40 percent of the cider produced worldwide.

There's nothing better than going to an apple orchard to pick apples, except perhaps enjoying a cup of freshly squeezed apple cider. In essence, cider is easy to make and can be enjoyed relatively quickly once fermented. Both the cider and beer categories include some outliers that contain an even higher alcohol content. Made from a fermented mixture of yeast and freshly squeezed apple juice, the alcohol content of hard apple cider is comparable to that of beer: about 4.5 percent to 6 percent alcohol by volume; however, according to St.

This is particularly possible if any of the apples used to make cider were gout (apples that were picked from the ground). If you shop somewhere, such as a farmer's market or a local orchard, ask the seller how the cider was produced. In many cases, a pint of cider has as many calories as a sugar donut (there's that annoying donut again).

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